Sanford, Maine, U.S.A., November 2, 1989 Four world altitude records were set today by the 270 horsepower Turbocharged Lake Renegade. In the first flight, Robert Mann, Chief Pilot and Flight Test Engineer for Aerofab, Inc., the manufacturer of the Lake Amphibians, flew a Turbo Lake Renegade (Serial Number 1) to an altitude of 27,300 feet and thereby shattered a 37 year old maximum altitude record for light seaplanes (FAI Class C-2,b).

After achieving this new maximum altitude world record, Mann leveled off at 27,100 feet to establish a new world record for maximum altitude in horizontal flight.

In the second flight of the day, Robert Mann with Aerofab, Inc. President Gordon Collins as copilot, flew a new 270 horsepower Turbocharged Lake Renegade (Serial Number 100) to an altitude of 25,500 feet, smashing an 11-year-old record for maximum altitude previously held by a Cessna 180. The pair then leveled off at 25,500 feet and established a new world record for maximum altitude in horizontal flight in another seaplane category (FAI Class C-2,C).

The records were set at Bauneg Beg Lake near Sanford, Maine and were validated by Peter Hatem, aviation attorney and delegated observer for the National Aeronautic Association. Textron Lycoming, of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, manufacturer of the engine in the Turbocharged Renegade, provided technical and logistical support.

Aerofab, Inc., President Gordon Collins, stated that Aerofab and Lake Aircraft were not only extremely proud to have established four additional world records for the Lake Renegade, but also pleased that this year the achievements were dedicated to Herbert P. Lindblad, the original founder of the company and designer of the aircraft. For over 40 years, Lindblad has been the guiding force behind the successful evolution of a product that now holds eight world records for speed and altitude.

The current Lake Aircraft product line includes the SEAFURY, a six-place 250 horsepower model, and the Turbocharged SEAFURY, a 270 horsepower model. The product line also includes the SEAWOLF, a special mission amphibian designed to meet the various and complex requirements of government organizations. And for the new millennium, a special offer of the 250 Renegade is available.

Lake Aircraft has sales, service and training facilities in Laconia, New Hampshire and Kissimmee, Florida (near Orlando).